Store or Storage ?

(Or How My Studio Storage Is Out Of control!)

I have the best job in the world! I get paid to sew with the beautiful Princess Mirah batiks. I am on staff at Bali Fabrics as the quilting and design coordinator. Any way, they send me all the latest sample cuts to use for projects for the Batik Expressions pattern line, Quilt Market and to make projects for magazine articles and ads. I also order bolts of batik to make kits to sell on my web site.

Here are some captioned pictures that share some of my studio storage ideas.

Since I am currently without a store front, ( I have had four quilt shops in the last 25 years ) I have to tell you about my recent “storage” adventure. Needless to say, after four years working with Bali Fabrics, the fabric inventory has grown to over a hundred bolts of batik and many yards of leftover cuts.

First, we stored them in the shipping room until it overflowed. Then, we started storing it in the entry room next to my studio where I cut kits for the web site. Since it is the “company” entrance to our home, it needs to be pretty. My husband, Lynn, turned an old entertainment center into fabric shelving.

Art quilts hang on the walls and fabric bundles, buttons and dolls are displayed among the house plants.

Still, I was running out of storage space. I drew up a shelf plan for the entryway to hold the new bolts. Lynn looked at the plan and groaned. He thought his days of building store displays were over! He exclaimed “Is this another store?” I assured him that is only storage that is pretty.

On top of the new shelf are the fabric birds that we used in the Bali Fabrics booth at Quilt Market mixed in with a Jester doll created from Princess Mirah batiks.

I love buttons. I started using the giant Dill buttons on my purse samples. When the big button orders came in for the kits, I needed a pretty way to store them in my studio. I started out by color coordinating the warm colors, cool colors and the black & whites in baskets. It is sort of a “Button Soup”.

Then I ordered more buttons to do new assortments on the web site. These new assortments were displayed in pottery bowls and stacked on a shelf in the entry. There is an old round table that is loaded with buttons. I use baskets, ceramic bowls and even a 35 year old rotating monkey pod flower from Vietnam. The flower petals are bowls and they are removable, so they are perfect for colorizing the buttons.

I did a “Take and Teach” class at Spring Quilt Market for the Dill Button Company. It was called Button Stacking 101 and the ladies loved it! Dill sold a lot of buttons afterwards, too. Check out my web site for the Button Stacking 101 booklet and to the button section to see the different assortments.

When my quilting friends, “The Art Girls” come up to the studio to sew, they think it is a store. It is hard to get any art made because of all the shopping that they do! Watch for an article in Quilter’s Home magazine featuring my home. They will be doing a photo shoot in July and the article will be out in the fall or winter.

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