Morphing Pumpkins


I just love to sculpt these little pumpkin pincushions. I create them from stretchy fabrics such as knit, batik rayon, wool, and my favorite velvet. Last fall when I went shopping for pumpkin fabrics, most of the orange stretchy fabrics were found in the evening gown/dressmaking/bridal section of the fabric stores.

The smaller pumpkins have real twigs and felt leaves. The larger ones have wool and felt stems and leaves. I even started to put chinelle stems into the stems so they could be twisted like a real pumpkin stem.


I always put pumpkins from the farmer’s market on the front porch.  Well, the morphing started after Thanksgiving.


I just did not want to stop making the pincushions, so I did a series of heirloom tomato pincushions from some scraps of batik rayon. The tops have button stacks, flowers with felt beads and weird leaves & stems made from wool felt.


I even made some black pincushions with purple and green flower tops from some old rayon clothing.  A red rayon tomato pincushios lurks with the black ones.


Wool pumpkins are displayed with a wool Santa on top of the Valdini  crosheen.

pincushionjarThe next thing you know, mini pumpkin stacks started appearing on top of the pimento jar wine glass. (Created by Iris & Derrill Johnson.) I put an entire box of nice quilter’s pins inside the pimento jar to create a creative gift item.  The jar lid is covered using the sticky backed batik  from the Grandma.s Button Jar pattern.

pincushion 1Next, the pincushions began popping up in more tea cup wine glasses.


mothercupHere is a “Mother” themed tea cup wine glass complete with the matching saucer.

raspberry wine cup

This raspberry china cup wine glass is my favorite. The hand painted china cup is very thin and delicate and the stem is cut glass.

cup5We have a nice selection of variations on the wine glass theme in the shop. There are too many to post.

Anyway, working in a series often take me down many creative side trails. It is so much fun to explore the multimedia crossovers that occur when experimenting in the studio!



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