Morphing Santas into Wizards

santaThe Recycle Santa pattern was the result from using some small Pendelton wool scraps that I bought from the flea market in Santa Fe years ago. I also had vintage wool serapes with moth holes and old ethnic clothing scraps that are full of hand quilting and stitchery. It was all too interesting to through away so I created 40 or 50 Santas from the scraps. I sold them all last year.

So, this year, for Christmas open house, I sorted through my exotic cloth doll making fabrics for new silks and woven textiles to make more Santas.

purplesantsThis purple Santa has a tall hat with a wreath hanging in a crook. Chinelle stems were sewn to the top of the head before the hat was added. That way the hats could be bent into interesting shapes.

sarapesantaThis little serape Santa holds a glass fish, sports tourquiose beads for buttons and stands by a sea shell pincushion.

tealsantaThis batiked silk Santa’s hat is so long that he looks like a wizard. So I gave him an ivy wreath so that he is not so Christmasy.

santa1I just couldn’t stop making the Santa/wizards. This one has a twig for a staff. He looks like a forest elf.

santapumpkinsSo I am not ready to quit creating these cloth dolls yet. Here are some wizards and Santas among some  wild & crazy pumpkin pincushions  on display with our exotic ribbons and trims.

This creative spurt was so much fun!


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